Infora Screenshot is a free to use, web application that allows the exploration of sensitive subject matter in an online forum. It provides the ability to run lessons and webinars within a virtual classroom, complete with full courses that include videos, written content, and discussion questions. also allows students to comment anonymously and, at the same time, allows administrators to moderate, monitor and enhance the discussion.

The content for the Not Wanted course includes pre-installed text, video, and animations. It also includes a teachers guide that assists with further exploration. Administrators can organize and edit this content to suit their own needs.

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Create a Room

Once logged into Infora, you can create a room for your students right away! Select the course, customize the content, and invite your students - it’s really that simple!

Have a Discussion

Each chapter offers Curriculum Services Canada approved content and discussion questions. Students participate in the online forum to discuss sensitive topics. Their anonymous user names allow them a safe space to investigate hard issues together.

Monitor Activity

Administrators are able to monitor discussions and activity occurring over all classrooms and even view all activity and posts made by individual students.

Additional Features

  • Dashboard - A list view of the rooms which users and administrators are actively participating in and ones they have created.
  • Notifications - Alerts the user of new activity related to their learning Package or posts.
  • Messaging - Users are able to message the administrator within Infora. The administrator will receive this message in their email.
  • Flag Post - Users may anonymously flag posts made by their peers they find offensive, and the administrator can chose either to remove the post from the discussion board or remove the flag.